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For improving business processes there are many ways, many theories, many philosophies, but the basics that are taken into consideration are the company’s needs, experience and input to create the most earmark workflows. Here are some of the Workflow Improvement Theories:

  • Theory of Constraints.

  • Six Sigma.

  • Business Process Reengineering (BPR).

  • Lean systems.

  • Total Quality Management.

There are Manifolds of workflow for a manifold of industries, for example: A Human Resources workflow to dictate new hire processes, training requirements, pay processes, etc. A Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Workflow for quality control in areas such as production of medicines, packaging of products, preparation for shipment, etc. A Customer Service workflow to assign investigations. A Military Workflow to manage a hostile situation and follow the rules of engagement. A Travel workflow to manage a client’s flight, hotel, tours, and auto rental reservations for a travel agency. A Healthcare workflow to manage the receipt of a prescription etc. An IT workflow to dictate each type of software/hardware. There are many more industries and workflows that can be added here, but just knowing about these workflows and industries is not enough, here are some features every workflow management system should have and one considering getting a workflow management system in their business should keep in mind.

  • Transparent pricing

  • An intuitive, code-free workflow designer

  • Role-based access control

  • WYSIWYG form designer

  • Parallel branches

  • Integration with other cloud apps

  • Notifications when and where you need them

  • Cloud-based technology

  • SLA status indicators

  • KPI-based reports

A Workflow can be manual or it can also be automated. In a manual workflow, a human is responsible for pushing each item from one task to another. In an automated workflow, the system manages the flow of tasks including notifications, deadlines, and reminders.

Workflow automation software is definitely going to help you in achieving your business goals much faster than any other software in the market. Below are some of the ROI which you can get by implementing Workflow solutions -

  • Establishing accountability

  • Eliminating redundant tasks

  • Giving greater visibility

  • Improving efficiency

  • Reducing processing time

  • Simplifying delegation of tasks

So, now you must have understood that if the business goals have to be accomplished then Workflow software is a “Must Have” !!!


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