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dMACQ Document Management System

Do you know an average employee spends more than 25% of their time searching documents and sharing them? Sharing of files can introduce you to several risks and security issues. There have been times that these risk and security issues have led to the loss of documents and time.

While dealing with these problems the best solution is DMS (Document Management System). DMS is a system used to receive, capture, store and track documents in an electronic form, hence helping us go paperless. Electronic Documents such as Scanned papers (digital images of paper-based content), PDF files, Word Docs files, XLS files, etc. The majority of DMS is capable of tracking the history of different versions modified and created by different users. As it's the solution to our problems it will help with saving time, money, paper, and also help with security issues.

How important it is you ask to go paperless? well paper-based content requires a significant amount of physical storage. A Document Management platform will avoid or reduce this physical storage, and help with process efficiency, security, lower the cost of storage, etc.

Dmacq has been a great way to get DMS software, dmacq’s DMS software will provide storage, access control, document security, Streamlined Search and Retrieval, increase the process efficiency. What’s more you ask, going paperless, having proper records that are managed and organized.

Now that you know about DMS and dMACQ let me tell you how to get a DMS software for your business. It's simple, connect with dMACQ on our website/ LinkedIn/ WhatsApp.


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